Dr. Robert Gillard - Veterinarian


Dr.Robert Gillard was born, raised, and educated in Minnesota, but has lived and practiced veterinary medicine in North Texas for 42 years.

Dr. Gillard has two grown children, a son who is serving in the US Navy and a daughter who is a dentist. Dr. Gillard and his wife share their home (and bed) with one cat and their dog, Charlie Barkins.

Some of Dr. Gillard's interests include astronomy, rocks and minerals, photography, woodworking, computer programming, and growing citrus trees for their fruit. Dr. Gillard is also one of the original owners and developers of the Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County, where he works part-time because it provides him with a challenging change of pace from daily practice.

Why does Dr. Robert Gillard say he has the greatest job in the world? It is because he gets to help wonderful, caring people take care of their pets and gets to work with other compassionate people to deliver veterinary care to his patients and clients.

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